10 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Greatness 

Motivation and inspiration are two words that mean different things to different people, yet most people have the same fundamental goal when they talk about inspiration or motivation – to achieve their goals and dreams and excel in all they ever wanted to. Knowing what motivation and inspiration means is a great thing but to know how to make turn your energy into something positive that will help you become a better person is not always clear and cookie-cut.

So, what ways can you motivate yourself till you achieve your greatness?

Read voraciously

Great leaders read. Great followers read. Anyone that’s has great goals and ambitions should add at least 30 mins of reading to their daily routine. If you can read up to an hour, that’s even better.

By reading, you stimulate your brain to think more and work harder. And reading has also been shown to help you generate ideas for projects you might be working on. This translates to you getting towards the greatness that you seek. And let’s face it, the more you read, the smarter you’ll get and the smarter you are, the more clarity you’ll get towards the pathway you need to follow to achieve greatness.

Read everything

Along with reading a lot, you should also consider reading pretty much everything. We’re not saying to literally read all you see, no, instead we’re saying to leave your mind open to new experiences and allow yourself to pick a book that is outside of your comfort zone and read it. This will expand your imagination and help you work towards being a better version of yourself.

And if for nothing, you’d have learned new knowledge and information. And there is no arguing that the person who knows more versatile information is a good conversationalist who can make doors open for him or her. Imagine the connections you can make if you know a bit of everything and can engage anyone, including potential business clients that can help you achieve your set goals.

Get organized

Most of us like an organized life even though we typically end up with a mess. We like to call it an organized mess. So, try to get yourself and your priorities organized. Find a way to help you organize and plan your life so you’re more aware of what is going on and more in control of your time, responsibilities, and actions.

If you’re organized, your dreams will be too! So, get started with streamlining things and decreasing the clutter around you. Once you get the clutter – both mental and physical – under control, you’ll be in a better position to settle down and really figure out what your game plan to success is. With your game plan figured out, you have a better chance at success. 

Reduce distractions

Nothing kills greatness faster than distractions. The more distracted you are, the less likely you are to focus and work on things that might be important to you. Distractions can come from other people or might come from within yourself, or other activities you’ve piled onto your plate.

Try to clean up a bit so you leave your mind and workspace clutter-free as this will help you stay organized enough to figure out exactly how to approach the task at hand. And if distractions are coming from people that are too close to shutting down, politely inform them that you are an indifferent but exciting phase in your life and you would really need their help to help you stay focused. That should be good enough to reduce the distractions from them and get you settled down for what you need to do.

Be accountable to yourself

Yes, we know it’s easier said than done but you have to hold yourself accountable for your success and failures. Once you do, you’ll learn to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and intensify your efforts on what matters most!

Once you’re in control of your strengths and your weaknesses, you’re bound to excel to greater heights. And never stop being accountable to yourself even when you’ve achieved great heights. In fact, the best time to hold yourself more accountable is when things seem to be working in your favor as that is when most people begin to slide on their commitment to greatness.

Stop procrastinating

We are all guilty of this one – procrastinating! It’s simply human nature to wait sometimes until you can’t wait anymore and then get the work done. The only issue is that procrastination can lead to lost opportunities which can lead to closed doors which eventually lead to more failure than successes, something you most likely don’t want.

So, yes, you can wait for things but don’t wait too long. As the old saying goes, “opportunity waits for no man”. So, keep that in mind and never lay low or stay still when great things that you should be involved in are happening around you!

Start small

We recommend starting small and chewing off what you can bite! Nothing wrong with starting bigger if you think you can handle it but sometimes, starting small allows you to form a solid footing before springing forward with full-blown ideas.

You’re better off grounded in your little idea and blowing it up than starting big and getting nowhere fast. Once the foundation is laid, you’ll have all you need to grow and expand your vision until it translates to greatness. And once you achieve the greatness you want, keep working at it and never lay low as more greatness always waits for those who are steadfast.

Let others hold you accountable

It’s one thing to hold yourself accountable but it’s also another to have others hold you accountable. So, when you’re in a place to announce to trusted ones that you’re working towards your dreams, ask them to hold you accountable and check up on your progress. By knowing someone is checking on you, you’re most likely going to do much better.

And knowing that you’re answerable to someone makes you want to succeed so as not to disappoint them. Make sure you have the right people around you though as if you don’t, your accountability partner might end up being a downer, something you don’t want.

Mentor others

This might not make sense especially as you’re probably just trying to figure your way out to your greatness, but, if you can take some time to mentor and coach others who are not yet where you are, you’ll find out that you can much farther in your pursuit to better greatness as you’ll be forced to dig into more of your strength as you mentor and coach newbies.

And don’t think you don’t know much about inspiration and motivation – you know more than you think and the people you coach or mentor will learn so much from you. So, reach out to someone and see how you can help them reach their own goals. It’ll do wonders for you.

Believe in yourself

It goes without saying that you have to believe in yourself in order to do big things or have big things happen to you. If you don’t believe in yourself then how do you expect anyone else to?

You must, first of all, believe that you can do it all, and do it better than anyone else and once you do, you’ve essentially opened the gateway to your own greatness. And that is really all you need – trust in your abilities.  So, start this life journey to greatness by believing in your goals, your dreams, and yourself.