14 Signs of High Blood Sugar to Be Aware Of

Are you here to know about the signs of High Blood Sugar? No doubt, the High Blood Sugar symptoms vary from person to person, maybe for some tiredness is an alarming sign or maybe for some erectile dysfunction and even severe cough. The symptoms can vary, but it depends on the level of diabetes infection, the signs of diabetes can be acute or sometimes mild. But one should always take all signs seriously. So if you are here to learn about the most common signs of diabetes to find out whether you have diabetes or not, then continue reading this article because we have a lot to share with you. Trust me, by knowing the symptoms you can fight and can take prediabetes treatment.

Here we have piled up a list of signs of diabetes that you can watch out before it becomes too late. Once you start noticing these signs, then don’t wait for a minute and visit your doctor.


The #1 in our list is fatigue. It might be due to sleepless nights, but most often, it happens due to diabetes. The reason is when you have diabetes, then it seizes the body to consume all food nutrients and doesn’t allow the body to make use of all the required nutrients. So if you feel all time fatigue, then the possibility is you have diabetes, especially if you feel too tired after eating. You should consult with your doctor. However, fatigue is one of the main signs of diabetes.

2.Excessive Thirst & Hunger

When a person has High Blood Sugar , then he may feel excessive thirst and hunger. The reason is diabetes causes the body to overwork to let the glucose enter into the bloodstream. This excessive overwork sometimes can pull all the water out of cells to flush the excess away. However, this results in a lack of nutrients in the body, which it requires and then cycles of hunger and thirst get started. The person feels thirstier and hunger, and even after taking proper meals, feels hydration, and hunger. It is an open sign of having diabetes.

3.Frequent Urination

Frequent urination is one of the highlighted diabetes symptoms. Yes, when High Blood Sugar triggers, it causes the body to overwork and then pulls away from the water from cell to flush excess glucose. It also triggers kidneys to overwork trying to filter and reabsorb it. Then it results in frequent urination. The person will always feel needing to go to the bathroom to eliminate all the build-ups in the body. This is not good for your health. Urination is good as it helps you remove all toxins from the body, but excess urination can damage your kidney, bladder, and disturb your whole cycle.

4.Blurry Vision

Are you suffering from blurry vision? Maybe it is due to the dehydration of fluid presents in your eyes. Yes, it can be one of the main causes of blurry vision. But do you know why this happens? Maybe because of diabetes! Yeah, that can be the primary reason. You need to watch out this condition before it comes severe and results in permanent blindness.

5.Slowness in the wound or sore healing

Well, you should never take it lightly if you notice sores are taking too long to heal because maybe it is due to diabetes. Apart from the body’s healing power, which is being compromised by your body’s efforts to eliminate glucose, several other infections jump into to enjoy feeding on sugar.

6.Experiencing Weight Loss

Hey, it feels so good if you see you have weight loss despite you are eating too much. But not in all cases. Maybe the cause behind this is diabetes. Yeah, when diabetes targets your body, it reduces the power of your body to retrieve the needed nutrition from the food you eat.

7.Numb Feet

Don’t ignore; I repeat, don’t! If you are feeling numb feet, immediately consult with your doctor. Diabetes first starts damaging your nerves, and that you can feel when you get pain in feet and legs. Due to poor blood flow and damage to nerves, your organs start feeling pain.

8.Vomiting and Nausea

When diabetes left uncontrolled, it can result in rapid weight loss, and sometimes cause vomit and nausea. This happens because your body fat starts burning rapidly, and it leads to the creation of ketones. However, ketones can badly harm your body and lead to diabetic ketoacidosis. People with such conditions often suffer from stomach aches and even vomiting.

9.Swollen or Tender Gums

Are you suffering from swollen or tender gums? Well, the primary cause can be diabetes. Yes, diabetes is known for its ability or reduce the body’s ability to ward off germs. And when germs don’t ward off, then swollen or tender gums can experience by one. So if you notice weakening in your gums, then immediately consult with your doctor.

10.Weight Gain

Body’s endocrine system is the most complicated machine. However, when a person has diabetes, it can cause unexpected weight gain with body fat accumulation. If the numbers keep on scaling up, and you don’t change anything about your lifestyle, then you need to consult with your doctor.

11.Itchy Skin

If left untreated, diabetes can kiss your beautiful, and silky smooth skin and results in damage and itchy skin. Yes, it pulls all the body tissues away, and cause severe skin dehydration. So if you are feeling itchy skin, then don’t ignore it, and consult with a doctor.

12.Bad Breath

Halitosis sometimes is known as bad breath can be caused by diabetes. Diabetes can cause proneness to infection. Sometimes diabetes leads to inflammation of gums, which is, however, the primary cause of bad breath.

13.Chronic Dehydration

As we have mentioned above, dehydration is the leading symptom of diabetes. It occurs because high blood glucose results in the body which pulls away water from cells. Moreover, frequent urination often leads to chronic dehydration. Remember, dehydration can be a severe condition. It can lead to poor vision, dry skin, and sometimes painful joints and eventually, death.

14.Continuous Depression

The nebulousness symptoms of diabetes often lead to irritability and uncontrolled emotions. However, continuous depression can disturb your sex life and result in adverse health conditions.


So, now you are aware of the 14 most common High Blood Sugar . It is essential to take care of your physical health, and this is only possible if you go for regular body checkups. Once again, if you experience any of the above conditions, then don’t take it for granted and consult with your doctor as soon as possible. Remember, early detection is helpful than combating with a chronic condition. Diabetes is controllable, and you can get relief from it, only if you listen to your doctor’s instructions and follow healthy lifestyle patterns.

I hope this article will help you a lot. We wish you a healthy life ahead!