15 Best Makeup Tips For Mature Skin

Keeping your skin look fresh and smooth while also rocking your favorite make-up styles can get a little more difficult after the age of 50, when skin starts losing its elasticity. If you’re all about finding the latest tips and tricks on how to make your eyes pop and your features stand out without harming your skin, then check out our list featuring 15 incredible makeup tricks for women over 50.

15.The Invincible Duo: Hyaluronic Acid and Moisturizer

As you surely know by now, applying moisturizer daily is an essential step in taking perfect care of your skin. But more than that, there are a few tricks that can maximize the positive effects your daily cream has on your face. Firstly, make sure you apply moisturizer each time before foundation, since keeping your skin hydrated prior to a thick and dry product like foundation is essential for making those fine lines less visible. While moisturizer alone will definitely make your skin look better once your make-up is done, there is an additional step you should take for a flawless makeup look: applying hyaluronic acid serum before the moisturizer. The results: glowing skin, a fresh look and a perfect black canvas for your favorite makeup looks!

14. Baby Oil for Stronger Lashes

Once you reach the age of 50, your lashes tend to get a little sparser – and while this is a totally normal process, there are ways of preventing eyelash loss and thinning that will amaze you with their results. Our pro tip: clean up your face every night with your trusted makeup remover, then in order to make sure you hydrate your eyelashes and remove even the last bits of mascara, use baby oil for a deeper cleaning step. Simply drip a few drops of oil on a cotton piece, then wipe your lashes while keeping your eyes closed. Clean, hydrated and gentle!

13. Plumper Lips with Gloss

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One of the effects of aging on our physiognomy is no other than the appearance of subtly thinner lips. Considering getting lip injections? Not just yet: in order to make sure that your lips look like you are still in your early thirties, simply ditch the matte lipsticks and go glossy instead! First, line your lips and apply a lipstick that is one or two shades darker than your natural lip color, then find a trusted brand of lip gloss and apply it for extra shine and sparkle. Due to its reflective qualities, lip gloss will instantly make your lips look plumper without the pain.

12. Translucent Powder for Thick Lashes

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As established before, aging brings you the look of thinner lashes – but not to worry, as there are various makeup tricks out there that can prevent your lashes from looking sad. And one of our favorites requires no other than your old face powder. That’s right, loose powder can work as a thickening coat for your lashes, prior to applying mascara. Simply use a mascara wand to dust the powder on your eyelashes, then proceed as you normally would by applying two coats of your favorite mascara. Using a clean makeup brush, swipe away any leftover powder – and voila! Thicker eyelashes, a great repurposing project and instant sparkle in your eyes!

11. A Painless Eyelift in an Instant

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Thinking of going under the knife and opting for an expensive eyelift? While that’s certainly an option if you are so inclined, make sure to test out other less painful, less invasive and less expensive methods first. Our pro tip: using primer all the way up to your eyebrows. Step two: take your favorite highlighter or a light and creamy shadow and apply it on the area right under your eyebrows for an instant eyelift that will make both your eyebrows and your eyes pop. Flawless, easy and definitely youthful!

10. Contouring for Defined, Gorgeous Features

If you were thinking that contouring is just for the under 30s, then think again: this hot trend that shows no signs of slowing down can be an amazing tool in helping you look not only younger, but more polished and modern. Using just bronzers and blush, you can highlight the areas you love most about yourself (hi, high cheekbones!) while minimizing the prominence of other less favorite features. Double chin, a larger nose or thinner lips can all be camouflaged with just the right combo of dark & light makeup products for a mesmerizing transformation that can make you look like you’re in your early 40s.

9. Choosing the Right Concealer

From the foundation to the powder and from the bronzer to the daily concealer, choosing the right type of products for mature skin is essential when on a mission to look fresh-faced. As we age, the skin right under our eyes becomes harder to conceal – darker under circles, crepiness and extra redness. In order to maximize the benefits of your concealer, make sure you ditch the stick-type ones in favor of creamier, liquid kinds. Liquid concealers blend in much easier and they do not tend to get as cakey as stick concealers – not only that, but they also do not include wax, which can look quite unforgiving on mature skin.

8. Keeping It Natural for a More Youthful Look

Glossy purple lips and bold smoky eye looks with seductive cat eyes – in your 20s and 30s, you used to love bold looks that emphasized both your pouty lips and your almond-shaped eyes. But the reality is, pulling off bold make-up looks in your 50s is not an easy task. In fact, mature skin and features look best when you opt for the ‘no-makeup makeup’ look or for natural, more subtle styles that focus on either your eyes or your lips. If you are all about adding a touch of color on your eyes, go for nude or light salmon-brown lips to create a harmonious balance that will make you look years younger.

7. Counting on Yellowish Foundations

Yellow undertones are associated with younger-looking skins, so it is a no-brainer that once you hit 50, opting for a foundation with subtle yellow hues is the way to go. However, keep in mind that your foundation should match the color of your skin – but instead of picking the closest shade with pink undertones, grab the closest one with yellow tones instead. Complete the look with warm-tone eye-shadows, a hint of mascara and rosy cheeks for a youthful, full-of-vitality look you’ll love time and time again.

6. Avoiding Dark Lipsticks

As established before, thinner lips look best when paired with glowy lipsticks or lip gloss that can offer high levels of shine. And since every lipstick that is on the darker side tends to reduce the size of your lips, women over 50 are advised to forgo the darker shades in favor of brighter and lighter ones, such as rosy reds and warm pink-browns. There is, of course, an exception to this rule: women who have naturally very plump lips and dark skin tones can rock dark shades well into their 80s.

5. Bigger Eyes with the Right Lining Technique

One of the main features you will want to focus your makeup routine on once you hit 50 is your eyes. Since correctly lining your eyes and choosing the right eye-shadow can take years off your face (or, vice versa, incorrectly applying liners can make you look instantly older), it is essential to give extra attention to your bottom rim and eyelashes – more precisely, forgo lining the inner bottom rim and instead, simply line the part between the rim and lower lashes. The results: instant bigger eyes and a seductive look!

4. Flawless Eyebrows with the Right Pencil

You understand the importance of having sharp, yet natural-looking eyebrows – and your daily make-up routine includes considerable amounts of brow powder. But since brows, just like eyelashes, tend to become thinner during your 40s and 50s, it is advisable to ditch your brow powder and opt for a super sharp eyebrow pencil instead. If you are dealing with bald spots of if you simply want to increase the density of your brows, simply start tracing hairs upwards with a skinny brow pencil, mimicking the look of your actual hairs.

3. Opting for Eye Pencils Instead of Liquid Liners

Woman applying eyeliner

Smoldering cat eyes with the darkest eyeliners available? While you loved this type of look in your 20s and 30s, pulling it off well into your 50s might not really be possible. So if you’re all about lining your gorgeous eyes and making their color stand out, ditch the harsh eyeliners and go the safer route, aka eye pencils. Since pencils are much softer and more flexible than liners, they are more forgiving and malleable, so achieving a flawless look will be much easier. To soften up your eyes further, smudge the pencil after applying it for a subtle day-to-night smoky look.

2. Curled Lashes for a Mesmerizing Look

Making your eyes pop is definitely one of the main aims of makeup once you turn 50 – since bigger, more expressive eyes will make you look younger, it is advisable you use all the right tricks in the book for a head-turning, fresh look. And one of the best tips out there to make your eyes stand out is no other than curling your lashes. But before you do so, here’s a great trick: to maximize the effects of your curler, simply warm it up prior to using it with a blow dryer for a few seconds. Make sure you test the metallic tool on your arm first in order to avoid burning your lid, then proceed as normal. Complete the look with two coats of mascara and you’re ready to go!

1. A Smart Use of Facial Powder

When you are trying to look fresh, rested and feel great in your skin at the same time, the last thing you need is a makeup look that feels heavy, too artificial and simply… too much. And one of the main causes why you might feel that your makeup routine is not working anymore is the excessive use of powder. Fact is, experts say that applying powder all over your face is completely unnecessary – not only that, but too much powder can actually emphasize your wrinkles. To keep your look fresh and natural, simply apply your trusted product on the T-zone, inner cheeks and chin – basically, on the center of your face.