5 Things You Should Not Do To Your Gadgets

We love our gadgets because they serve the very simple need of keeping us entertained. But there are several ways we misuse our gadgets cutting their lifespan short and causing us to have to spend money to replace them sooner than later. Here are 5 things that you are probably doing wrong with your gadgets:

1.Laptop for Company

A lot of people eat while they’re working on their laptop or even keyboards. Ordinarily, there would have been nothing wrong with that except you’re getting a lot of food crumbs on the keyboards and this ends up going underneath the buttons of the keys. Then guess what happens? The keys begin to get stuck and can’t function. And then you’d need to either replace the keyboard or keypad, or buy a new equipment. Another thing that can happen that is also very common is that you could spill juice or coffe on the laptop or keyboard and cause irreversible water damage to your computer. It’s hard to dry out a keyboard or laptop and unfortunately, most insurances don’t cover your laptop or keyboard for water damage.

2.Phone Battery Discharge

If you want to elongate your battery life, don’t let it fully discharge before you charge it. Some batteries like lithium-ion batteries are pre-programmed by the manufacturer with a certain amount of charge/recharge cycles and once you exceed this, the battery charging capacity will begin to go down. This is usually programmed to detect when the phone has gone down to 0% and has fully charge up to 100%. If you charge your phone for instance when it’s about 20% down or 30% down, you avoid hitting 0% which would count against the 0% to 100% charges. So, the recommended thing to do is to charge your battery way before it gets totally discharged and that way, you can make your battery last longer. Of course, not all smartphones are programmed this way but it doesn’t hurt to work with this principle for all your gadgets.

3.Bathroom Company

A lot of people to the bathrooms and toilets with their phones and this can be wrong on so many levels. Your phone can easily slip off your hands and fall into the bathtub or toilet and that will be the end of the phone. And if the phone is connected to any sort of charger and falls into water, you can experience an electric shock which can have severe consequences including death. And if you survive dropping your phone in the bathtub or toilet, or survive an electric shock, the truth is that the bathroom has a ton of germs and you can transfer these to your phone and ultimately make yourself sick. So, don’t turn your phone into a germ hub or something that can kill you. Leave it elsewhere and when you’re done with the bathroom, feel free to retrieve it.

4.Don’t leave your gadgets in the car

You probably don’t need to be told why this is a terrible idea. And yet we are all guilty of doing this. Apart from the fact that leaving your phone in the car, especially the dashboard could be a way to attract attention to your car and possibly vandalism as someone tries to get hold of your gadget, you stand the risk of irreversibly damaging the phone. If you leave your phone in the car in the hot summer, you can imagine that the elements in the phone can overheat and lead to the phone crashing. If it’s really cold out there and your phone is in the car, you also stand the chance of messing up the elements of the phone as your smart phone is not supposed to be exposed to extreme heat or extreme cold. So, try your best not to expose your phone to extreme temperatures as that can cause internal and external damages to the phone, and sometimes, insurances will not cover damages arising from mishandling of your phone.

5.Phone Charging Indefinitely

We’re all guilty of charging our phone over 100%. What that means is that sometimes we leave the phone charging even after it’s done charging, or even worse, leaving it to charge overnight. Even though there is nothing wrong with charging your phone overnight as the gadget knows when to stop charging once it hits 100%, however, when the charge reaches 100%, it tries to maintain a 100% charge if it’s still plugged on. Over time, this reduces the efficiency of the phone and the battery begins to discharge or lose charge easily. So, if possible, charge the phone only when you know you can unplug it once it gets to 100% charged. If your gadget runs on Lithium battery, be careful about giving it a full charge as high voltage makes the battery wear down.