11 Unusual Date Ideas for A Perfect Day

Tired of dinner and a movie? Want something different? Perhaps something with an adrenaline rush or just a different change of scene? Then ditch you favorite every-Friday-night-restaurant gig and do these instead. Your date will thank you and can’t wait to spend more time with you.

Go Kart Racing

Yes, take your date to a go-kart track and get behind that wheel and race to the finish. Be nice though and let your date get some wins in as well if you’re a really good race-kart driver. But don’t give in too much as to lose the competitiveness of the game. The rush of trying to outdo each other should get your adrenaline flowing and when you finally do settle down to a romantic dinner afterward, you’re already the superstar date.

Mini Golf

Mini golfing is not for kids only. And even if it were, this would be a great chance to unleash those kids in you and your dates and try something different. Hit an indoor or outdoor mini golf course and let your date show you his or her skills. And if you’re a good golfer, this will be a great time to give your date some friendly lessons, and if they are a better golfer than you, allow them to give you some pointers. The closeness you will experience playing and teaching each other golfing will make for some good bonding moments.


You know what’s better than a day time picnic? An evening picnic! Pack the picnic basket, bring the cheese and crackers and maybe a surprise dish. Don’t forget the grapes and berries and certainly don’t forget the wine and wine glasses. And you don’t have to go to a park or any fancy place to picnic. Anywhere that is nice and quiet will do. Your date will already be impressed that you’re thinking outside the box to worry if you’re on a beach or in a park. That said, it still nice to find a cool and beautiful spot to take your date to. A good destination will add to the intimacy of the date.

Painting Class

So many places offer painting classes for adults. They typically come with wine, desserts, or snacks. Take your date out for a painting class and make sure you have some good food before, during, or after the class. Be sure to buy your tickets in advance and check with the location if they have a space open for you and your date as these sorts of events tend to sell out really quickly.


Take your date dancing! Just like painting, so many places offer dance classes for couples. Sometimes you might need to make appointments while some others might you walk in. So, make it a date and dance the night away in each other’s arms. And if possible, find out what sort of dance your partner likes and hopefully, it’ll be a dance that keeps you both connected to each other throughout the dance.

Amusement Park

Very much like mini golfing or Go Kart racing, amusement parks are not your typical date destinations which is why we challenge you to make your next date special! Take that special someone to the nearest amusement park and get your adrenalines flowing! But, before you plan amusement park date, ask your date if they like amusement parks without being so obvious. Some people just don’t like rides, or can’t’ tolerate them and you don’t want your date freaking out the entire date while you’re trying to have fun.


Rather than going to the movies, take your date to see a live show or performances. Shows range from music to the Broadway to comedy to opera, and many more! The prices also depend on what you want and the location of the show. If you’re lucky enough to be in a place like New York, Washington D.C. or Las Vegas, you won’t have to go to far to find shows. If you’re not close to these destinations, there are still a lot of traveling shows you can attend but you have to book and plan in advance.


So, this might not be unique but most people don’t typically go on dates to the beach as it’s mostly reserved for families. Be different and take your date to the beach. And get creative as well with finding the right beaches as well as packing a fitting picnic basket. If you don’t have a beach close to you, a lake or reservoir might be a good substitute. We think what matters is the company and not necessarily the destination.

Have Bruch

Because dinner is overrated anyways! So, skip dinner in your favorite restaurant and take your date to a brunch instead. And if you want to make it extra special, find a unique restaurant your date has never been to and go to brunch when the restaurant is less busy so you have most of the place to yourself. And if you really want to go the extra length, call ahead and make reservations and let the restaurant know that it’s a special occasion so you get special treatment when you arrive. Afterall, any date with your special someone should always be a special occasion, no questions asked.


This might be a little nerdy but we think it’s cute! Find the nearest and most interest museum you can think of and make it a date. You’ll both spend time discussing intellectual things and connecting on a level that transcends just talking and chit-chatting. If you’re lucky to live close to, or can drive or fly to Washington D.C., then you’ll have a ton of museums at your disposal. Otherwise, most states have a handful of great museums you can visit.

Trampoline Park

Another one of those kid-friendly ideas we’re proposing to you but we promise, there are lot of adult-friendly trampoline parks in the country. You can visit an indoor one or an outdoor park and jump your heart away. The result? You’ll get you adrenalines flowing for the perfect evening. And like visiting the amusement park, make sure your date can tolerate jumping on a trampoline for hours on end before you set off for that unique date.

Dates are great and coming up with unique date ideas can be challenging. Our list of top 12 ideas is a great start to getting your date mojo on!