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Christmas Charades List + Movies + Free Pdf

Looking to connect and skyrocket your fun this holiday season? Try a Christmas charades game – with this unique list of ideas, Christmas movies, and a free printable to get you started.

How to Play Christmas Charades

First, Christmas charades is just like normal charades, and there are lots of rule variations. You can play two main ways:

1. Split Into 2 Teams

If your group is big enough, divide into two teams. One player from each team acts out the card, and you can play one of these ways:

  • The first group to guess correctly gets a point and play stops to rotate actors.
  • The groups go through the cards at their own pace using a timer. 30-60 seconds is a good amount of time, but you can vary it. Once the timer stops, the actor rotates and the points are tallied.

For both versions, the group with the most points at the end of the game wins.

2. Everyone Guesses

In this variation, one person in the group acts out the card. The first person to guess correctly out of the group gets a point and the actor rotates with each turn. At the end of the game, whoever has the most points wins.

You can also use a timer and play against the clock with this too!

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Christmas charades ideas list printable pdf card game

What You’ll Need for Charades

Luckily, it’s pretty simple! Here’s what you need to play the Christmas charades game:

  • Paper and pencil to keep score (use Christmas paper for extra fun)
  • Slips of paper with the Christmas words (see the free printable below)
  • A grab bag, Santa hat, or jar to put the papers in
  • A timer (if you’re going to use one)
  • Christmas prizes (see easy ideas below)

Charades Words List for Christmas

Now, here are the holiday ideas for Christmas charades. Write them on notecards, ordinary paper, or print off the download page.

  • Kissing under the mistletoe
  • Santa going down the Chimney
printable pdf charades ideas for Christmas
  • An ugly Christmas sweater
  • Chopping down a Christmas tree

Christmas Movie Charades

Movies for Christmas charades theme game

And for a Charades for Christmas movies (classic and new), check out this fun ideas list!

  • Olaf’s Frozen Adventure
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey
  • The Nutcracker & the 4 Realms

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See more about the Christmas Charades game in the video:

Get the free pdf of Christmas Charades below!

free Christmas charades printable list

Or get an ENTIRE game done for you: see it in my shop HERE>>

And for more fun freebies like this, check out the resource library!

Christmas Charades Winner Ideas

Now, do you need a few fun prizes for the winners? These ideas are free or cheap, but LOADS of fun!

Joke book for the holidays

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Alternative Game Ideas With These Words:

Here’s the cool thing about these Christmas charades words: they don’t have to just be for charades! Try these other games with them too!

Christmas Pictionary

Christmas tree pictionary with colored pencils

Instead of using the cards to act out the words, use them to DRAW the words. Divide your family into teams and get an epic game of Christmas themed pictionary going!

Christmas Catchphrase

Test your family’s verbal skills by describing the words on the cards. See who can get their team to guess the word fastest! But remember: the one rule in Catchphrase is that you can’t say the word itself.

For example, if the card is: Hanging Christmas lights

The player could say:

  • It’s an action
  • These are bright and small
  • You hang them on a tree or your home
  • They change colors

Keep giving clues until your team guesses or the timer runs out!

*Or see this cute Christmas carol Catchphrase game.

A Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Finally, choose the cards that work well and make it a hunt to find everything in your home or neighborhood. Or see here for a specific Christmas Scavenger Hunt pdf >>

To Consider With Charades

Little touches like picking Christmas team names, wearing ugly sweaters, or using Christmas paper to keep score can also help make this game memorable. But certainly don’t stress yourself out over it either.

I hope you enjoy playing this fun Christmas game with your family this holiday season! Have you played the Christmas charades game before? What did you think?

For even more holiday bonding, get the December activity calendar in the resource library below!

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