Why You Should Take an Annual Solo Vacation

Self-care and self-love are something most of us don’t practice but should. Experts tell us that the more you love yourself, the more you are bound to succeed in your endeavors and goals. The more you take time for yourself, the more you can refocus on your goals and ambitions to get things done.

So, what is the best way to take care of ourselves and love ourselves? A solo vacation, and preferably annually! That right, we said it! Leave the parenting behind, the work behind, the mommyhood behind, and take time out to take yourself to somewhere new and exciting, even if it is just for one long weekend. So why should you do that? Here are ten top reasons why you should plan a getaway now for yourself only.

To rejuvenate yourself

Pretty self-explanatory but you should take time away from the major stressors of life to rejuvenate yourself and get your mojo back. We tend to work till we burn out but if you can take even just a weekend away, you’ll find yourself rejuvenated which will allow you to come back and give things your best.

To get away from the daily stress of life

Life can be stressful as it is and living can be stressful sometimes! So, when you take an annual vacation alone and hopefully without a partner and certainly not with the kids, you have a chance of relaxing and wiping away the daily stress of life. You’ll come back home or back to work ready to tackle the world!

To refocus your energy on what matters

Sometimes we get so engrossed on what is going on around us that we forget to put our energy where it matters the most. Taking time out forces you to refocus your energy on what matters the most and places your priorities in the right place. A vacation away from everyone will give you some clarity on where to place your energy.

To get some rest

Yes, just that. To get some rest. Some people might wonder why you can’t get rest at home and if you really need to go that far to rest, but we like to say that when you’re in your regular environment, it’s much harder to rest and relax.

To analyze your life

Sometimes we need to do just that – analyze our lives to see what is working and what is not. When you’re on a vacation alone, you have time to focus on just your needs and your goals. You have time to analyze your life to see what is working and what is not and this allows you to make changes that can impact your life positively.

To do something that benefits you

A vacation by yourself and alone will certainly benefit you in many ways. Apart from taking the time to care for yourself and do things that bring you joy, you also get the chance to slow down for a second and smell the roses, as they say. A solo vacation will help you do something that benefits just you – take care of yourself.

To give others around you a break from you

Sometimes folks around us need a break for you us and they might not know how to express this without sounding rude or seeming as if that they don’t want to be with us. It’s really okay to give your partner a few days of being without you so they can express their own freedom. If nothing else, your absence will remind them of how much you mean to them!

To appreciate yourself

We don’t always appreciate ourselves and the things we’ve achieved no matter how minimal it is. Taking an annual vacation allows us to appreciate ourselves and our capabilities and celebrate ourselves and our worth. Taking a vacation lets you create time to appreciate the most important and influential person in your life – you.

To allow others appreciate you

Giving others a break from you as we mentioned gives them time to enjoy their own freedom without encroaching on yours. But also, spending time away from people allows them time to think about you and your worth to them. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder and love more. A little absence once or more a year is surely a good thing.

To meet new friends

When we stay where we’re used to, we barely make any new friends. Mostly because we’re so caught up in our daily routine which most often doesn’t give us enough time to make new friends or experience new places. By going away, alone, and without your usual crew, you’ll have time to meet and connect with new people who could offer opportunities you might not have otherwise found.